Enabling Fantasies

Understand  This:

I will not discuss or agree to any type

of solicitation for illegal activity, and no fees or tips will be quoted, negotiated, or collected in exchange for any illegal conduct. 


Anything that may occur during our time together is a personal choice between consenting adults of legal age, and is within the bounds of local, state, and federal laws. 

    I will not engage in any scenario that is unhealthy or counter-productive to a   

     healthy lifestyle.

       I do not practice S.S.C. (Safe Sane

  Consensual). I am a R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware

      Consensual Kink) Practitioner. 

            I'm a BDSM / Fetish

              Consultant, not an Escort.  

I am a thick and voluptuous caramel DELIGHT drizzled in honey.
Luckily for you, I am also a BDSM Consultant, who enables you to realize your hidden fantasies. 

Is this the first time you are allowing yourself to live out these dreams?
Nothing you say or want can surprise or offend me. I specialize in assisting those ready to ascend to this level of consciousness. I am your guide to understanding the innermost part of yourself and help you develop to higher levels. 

Are you my seasoned bottom / pet / fetishist / sub?
Well, you and I have a clear understanding. With negotiation, we have a world of possibilities. We can bring back a favorite memory with that twisted ending you really wanted. We can challenge your limits so that you soar or plummet; your choice. We can escape on a kinky fairy tale carpet ride or enact corporal justice. I have a very active and creative imagination. Oh, please do test me!

I have two standards:
One, our sessions start with complete understanding and consent.
Two, our sessions end with you ready to go back to the real world more enlightened. 

A few of My favorite things...

CBT from beginner to expert

Role Play Boss, Teacher, Steampunk, Adventure, Pinup, etc

Training  Butler, Maid, Pet, Obedience

Worship Foot, Stocking, Shoe, Boots, Booties, Glove, Hand
Sensation Play 
Impact, Scent, Tickling, Sensory Deprivation

Minimum 1 hour at $300 with 72  hour notice. 

There is a $100 deposit (non-refundable and applies to the visit).

*NOTE: If this is the first time we are scheduling together, the first session is 90 minutes minimum ($450).

Other things I found fun...

Complete the form and we can discuss a scenario 

Balloon Play  |  Chastity  |  Face Slapping  |  Flogging  |  SPH

Human Furniture  |  Impact Play  | Nipple Play  |  Objectification  | Slapping 

Spanking  |  Verbal Humiliation  |  Belt Bondage  Mummification  

 Stocking Bondage Trampling  |  Wax Play  |  and oh, so many more ideas...

Special and Exclusive Options

Public Humiliation 

You take me out shoe shopping. I publicly reminded you of your inferior status.

$100 for 1 hour plus the expenses of 1 pair of shoes minimum

Double Domme Session

I co-top with Mistress Catalina or Goddess of D'Night. 

$1,100 for 2 hours  with $150 non-refundable deposit; balance due at meeting


Triple Domme Session

I triple-top with Mistress Catalina and Goddess of D'Night. 

$1,650 for 2 hours  with $225 non-refundable deposit; balance due at meeting

Dommes at a your Party: bachelor parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and more

$900 for 1 hour $225 non-refundable deposit; balance due 1 week in advance

Please note: If you don't see what you are looking for on the list, not to fret. I do expand my repertoire from time to time, so feel free to check back. 


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