Ms Xyliena

BDSM/Fetish Consultant

BDSM/Fetish Consultant Ms Xyliena

I am a Professional Dominatrix specializing in Fetish and Discipline.
Based out of Dallas, TX
Regularly in these cities by appointment:
Fort Lauderdale, FL at South Florida Dungeon Rentals
Houston, TX at The Vault

New Orleans, LA at
Dungeon Storm Cloud
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"An ecstatic exploration of the senses through light bondage, sensory deprivation, esoteric bodywork, and sensation play."



Great for newbies and seasoned negotiations. I meet you at a public vanilla location for drinks or dinner. 

Ask the tough questions and get the honest answers. 

Invest time to build a rapport and create a great foundation for later. 


Pinup Princess

dominating you with a sweet smile.

Stern Disciplinatrix

Punishing without mercy

Putting you in your place

Fetish Dreams come true: Foot, Hand, SPH


I was born Ebony & Kinky! But, what you see at first glance is a thick, voluptuous caramel DELIGHT drizzled in honey. My passion for BDSM / Fetish led Me to make it a career. I was introduced to the lifestyle scene at Paddles in New York City over ten years ago. While living in NYC, I frequented many BDSM / Fetish parties and workshops throughout all NYC boroughs. This was the time in My life when I really learned how to express My kink and hone My skills and interest. My current interests are sensation play, role play and fetish play.


Sensation play is at the heart of what I do. I enjoy the different effects of hot verses cold and hard verses soft. It is a joy for Me to guide a submissive into a space of open acceptance to My will. To enhance this art,   

I have become a certified Bondassage™ Practitioner.

Being dramatic and imaginative, there is small wonder that I indulge in role play. I like to dress in extremes and in themes. I like to act out fantasies and create alternative worlds. Role play for Me is a conduit to bring a submissive into a fantasy world. An alternative place where your desires, dreams and nightmares can be faced.

The fetish world always plays in harmony with the BDSM world. There is so much overlap like  concentric circles of the Olympic Flag. Teleporting a person into sub space with just a whiff or touch or taste is immensely satisfying. I revel in the power and responsibility of guiding a fetishist into unrequited bliss.

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Enter a world of Fetish & Order