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Ms Xyliena

BDSM/Fetish Consultant

I am a Professional Bondassage® certified Dominatrix specializing in Fetish and Discipline. I maintain a small number of discerning gentlemen and ladies. New candidates are determined by a strict interviewing process and acceptance is not guaranteed. 

Based out of Dallas, TX  USA

Visiting Dungeons:

Fort Lauderdale, FL at 
South Florida Dungeon Rentals
Houston, TX at The Vault
New Orleans, LA at Dungeon Storm Cloud

Enter a world of
Fetish & Order

Being dramatic and imaginative, obviously I indulge in role play. I like to dress in extremes and in themes.  For Me it is a conduit to bring a submissive into a fantasy world. An alternative place where your desires, dreams and nightmares can be faced. I take delight in teleporting a person into sub space with just a whiff or touch or taste.  I revel in the power and responsibility of guiding a fetishist into unrequited bliss.

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