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Bondassage by Xyliena

Welcome to Bondassage by Xyliena, where I bring couples closer together in a unique and interesting way. As a certified Bondassage practitioner with a psychology degree, I know how to create a space of relaxation to explore intimacy.


This unique form of sensual massage combines elements of bondage and massage to create a heightened sense of pleasure and connection between partners. Through the skilled touch of a trained practitioner, couples can experience a new level of closeness and awaken their passion in a safe and consensual environment.


Looking to spice up your relationship and explore deeper levels of intimacy with your partner? There is no need to wait.


Bondassage can help you and your partner get closer than ever before. Whether you're looking to explore your hidden desires or simply want to add some excitement to your relationship, Bondassage is the perfect way to do it.


I assist couples with deepening their connection. Whether you work with me separately or together, start bringing your relationship to a new level today.


My services are available by appointment only. I am based in the DFW area and travel Houston, Fort Lauderdale, and New Orleans.

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Looking forward to an amazing experience!

Bondassage for couples

2 hours   $550

2.5 hours $650

3 hours  $750

for Singles

$100 less

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